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Boisson aux amandes, Mandeln-Getränk, Bebida de almendras, Bevanda al latte di mandorla, Almond drink
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Almond Drink

Almond Drink

Bevanda al succo di mandorle- Boisson aux amandes - Almond Drink

Only product in his kind, born of the experience and of the care in the treatment of the ingredients. Thanks to a particular and warranted manufacturing, we offer an almond drink with an equal real almond content to 8% and a low level of saturated fats, but so tasteful and qualitative. Gluten free, lactose free, cholesterol free, this recipe is a concentration of healthy ingredients without preservatives. Its nutritional properties will delight your palate and your creativity. Pouring on cereal, stirring into coffee, using in recipes, or just on its own – any time of day. Almond drink is a healthy alternative to dairy. It is suitable for vegetarians and lactose intollerant people. It has a slightly sweet taste due to the natural properties of almonds.
Sicilian Food, Very Good!


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